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Jul 9, 2003
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Hello. I am contemplating creating a darkroom in my home but I have little experience in this area. I currently have a Mamiya 645 AFD and would like to create my own enlargements. Which enlarger would you suggest? I was looking at a used Beseler 23C II but I keep getting conflicting information. Will this enlarger work with medium format negatives? Thanks for any advice.
I think any enlarger will be able to handle medium format. I'm no expert, but my dad has an enlarger and he makes prints from 35mm and medium format.
...yes, as voodoocat says, most enlargers will print both 35mm & medium format film

It's simply a matter of calibrating the system for each of the different formats when printing

This will include different sized lenses, negative carriers and, in the case of "condenser" enlargers (which your Beseler is), different heads or magnifiers

I have not used a Beseler - but am reliably informed they are very good


Any opinions on which brand or type of enlarger to purchase. I found a refurbished dealer who pretty much has Omega D3's for sale. Has anyone ever used this brand? Which is better the D3 or the 23CII? What do you use? Thanks again.

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