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Memort Card Q's

Id recomend a name brand (If that is a namebrand, sorry, ive never heard of it) cards just for the reliablity.
As for keeping up with your camera, you have no worry. The only thing that the speed of the card will determine is how fast it can transfer images to a computor.

I have ONE no-name card, that I prefer not to use, but ive never had any problems with it when I need to use it. I prefer my two 1GB Sandisk cards.

oh, and if you dont mind carrying a lot of cards, a lot of the time you can get two 4GB cards cheaper than one 8GB card. (or mayber even four 2GB cards.....but after a while and on certain cards, it isnt a deal and it would start to get annoying and hard to keep track of what cards have pictures and what one dont)
I've only really trusted SanDisk cards, I bought a PNY from Best Buy because it was cheap and the thing failed on me in less than a month. If you plan on always keeping the card clean, go for it, otherwise you may want to play it safe with a better card. If you watch for weekly ads from Officemax and Office Depot, they often have good cards for really good prices.
Alright, one of the main things was I didn't know, was if it was a name brand or not.

Thanks for the answers... I;m going to look at some otehr ones.
I'm new but I thought the speed of the card had to do with more then just transferring to your computer, anyone else?????
The speed is how fast the card can record files. Also check out best buy. I bought and Sandisk 8gb Extreme II for I think $25. I don't remember exactly but I remember it was under $30. And the speed is 15 mb/s enough for the XSI. And About PNY cards, I bought a 2 gb 1 and a half years ago for my P&S and it still works flawlessley.
And About PNY cards, I bought a 2 gb 1 and a half years ago for my P&S and it still works flawlessley.

I only complain about them because in addition to the failed product, their customer service was crap and they blamed the problem on me.
i have about 30 8gb Transcend cards. run about $15 for class 6. never had an issue with any of them. they are a little on the slow side of class 6 though. they just keep up with my D90, any faster of a camera and you need something closer to 30mb/s like the extreme III 30mb/s edition. i would only recommend transcend, OCZ or sandisk

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