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Sep 14, 2011
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I've got a strobe light I'm trying to figure out what exact frequency it's flashing at, and already being outclassed by my Canon EOS T7, I decided to hop on Amazon and pick up a Sony Cyber-Shot RX10 IV and to see if I could high speed frame rate capture some of these strobe flashes. I know just enough about either of these two cameras to be dangerous, so I had to look up on youtube to see EXACTLY how to set this Sony camera up to do the specific high speed shot I needed. Luckily I ended up figuring it out and now I have about 20 seconds of slowed down footage I need help analyzing.

Since the thing I was filming was a light source itself, and resolution didn't matter I was able to use the highest frame rate setting on the camera, which I believe was 960, even though I thought I had seen the frame rate advertised as 1000 somewhere. This might have something to do with NTSB vs. PAL possibly?

So now that I've got about a second of flash time recorded at that high frame rate (in the form about a 1MB mp4 on the SD card), what free editing program can I download and use to view this video and analyze this light's flash rate?

Issue solved.

Now one last question. I need to confirm my video file was filmed at 960 fps. How would I go about finding this information, if I only had the file alone to examine? Is there any kind of meta data on my file that would give the fps, like when viewing a file's properties?

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