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Dec 24, 2010
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Probably user error, but what am I doing wrong?

My d40 and other memory cards never ever gave me a single error.

My Boyfriend gave me this card for my d7000 and about every 200 pictures or so, it will give me an error message saying "no memory card". I take it out and put it back in and it works again.

Fwiw- I use the cord to transfer images to my computer, I don't delete images one at a time while shooting, I batch delete and format from the camera. I don't remove the card unless I get the error. It doesn't matter what slot I use, nor what "job" I'm assigning the secondary/other slot to (meaning if I'm using the second slot as backup or overflow, it still gives me the error).

Do I really have my first "bad" card or is it user error? is it because the card says "video"?

Here's the card I'm using:
Sounds like a bum card. Exchange it.

Now, let the card recovery spamming begin!
Me thinks you could have a counterfeit card. Here is what the Sandisk Extreme HD Video Cards look like, at least in my area.


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Don't delete, not even batch. Delete doesn't actually remove anything from the card. The photos you 'delete' are still there on the card.

Just format the card in the camera. That does essentially the same thing as using the delete function.

Removing and replacing the card from the camera to upload using a card reader burnishes the card and camera card slot contacts.
I don't use a card reader- i use the cord. I don't remove it unless its to "reset" the error. I typically delete *and* format but if deleting isn't necessary then I can just format.

The card was purchased new at best buy- pretty unlikely to be grey market but I guess anything is possible. Mine looks identical to those pictured but the light is making the plastic look darker.

I will exchange it and see if that helps. Thank you- I figured it was user error.

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