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Dec 17, 2007
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Mainly I'm looking for some buying advice.
I don't have a camera yet but I've been doing a lot of research before I buy one to make sure I get the most for my money, and I want to make sure I get everything I need before buying a camera. I don't want any multi hundred necessities to pop up that I wasn't aware of. (I know I will be spending $$ forever on this) I just want to get my main rig to get going all at once.
I'm pretty set on getting a Canon 40d. I plan to shoot a lot in raw and I was curious to what size memory card people recommend. If I'm doing my calculations correctly I'm only going to be able to get 9-10 shots per gigabyte in RAW?
I will be doing mainly on site shooting Concerts/Extreme sports so dumping the files off is pretty much out of the question.
What do you all recommend?
Well as you probably know the 40D can shoot sRaw files, which are about 1/4 the size of regular raw. If you're shooting for the web or don't want to print any larger that 4"x6" this would save you a lot of room... but otherwise it's pretty pointless if you plan to do large prints. I have an 8gb card in my 20D (and a couple 2gb cards that I rarely use) and it lasts for quite awhile. Although changing ISO will change the capacity. It depends really on how often you want to change memory cards. I wouldn't suggest getting an 8gb and "putting all your eggs in one basket" (like most people warned me before the purchase of my 8gb), I'd go for a couple 2gb or 4gb cards. I have a friend who doesn't think much about the care of his cards (storage, placement, etc) and he insists on carrying them in his pocket. He often misplaces them from time to time as well. Carrying them ing your pocket CAN and usually will cause them damage. If you're slightly scatterbrained (my reason for a couple 2gb cards) I would suggest a few 2gb cards, on which I usually get around 150 photos.

You also mentioned you shoot concerts, which is mainly what I shoot. I prefer the 8gb because it allows more shooting time, but if the musicians you shoot don't have long sets or you don't shoot many photos during the sets, you can switch cards between sets or any other downtime you might encounter.
My brother has the 40D and I think he gets about 180 shots or something...I forget.
My Rebel XT gets about 230.

You should be good with a 2GB card to start out with...though I'd recommend 2 of them if you can swing it.
Thanks for the advice. I realized I did the math wrong on the Meg to Gig conversion.
I have a 40d with a couple of 2 gig cards. I get 160 pics per card shooting RAW. If you shoot RAW and JPEG you get about 120-130.

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