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Sep 9, 2015
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I dont have photoshop just lightroom so i cant get rid of the light source... Saw some how to stuff on light painting and didnt think it was as easy as it looked. Turns out its not so bad. Took a dewalt work light and zip tied some cardboard to it and make a ghetto ice light haha. My 35mm lens doesnt have an infinity setting so i tried the focus on a star and set to manual focus method which seemed ok ? This was the only one with enough light to use it was at f9 and 30 second exposure. Wondering if i held the light source below the body line on the backside if it would have not shown ? First time shooting anything in the dark

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I like it. Can you lighten up the hood a little?

I've played with light painting a little bit too, but just for fun. I want to get my kids outside with some glow sticks one of these days.

If you shine a flashlight on the car, then set focus (half press), then turn the focus to manual so it doesn't change. That is the best way to accomplish focus in the dark for such long exposures.

Great shot for your first attempt. I like how the green grass helps accentuate the white car. I was kinda lost on your description of your ghetto light ??
I cannot tell on my screen if the WB is slightly off on the car.
See ghetto light lol, thanks for the focus tip ill give that a try as well

Did you face the open side of the cardboard towards the car and camera? If so then why use cardboard at all? I thought the cardboard would have been to block the light from getting to the camera. But it would also keep it from hitting the car, so what's the use? You're going to have a hard time using this light for light painting. Even if you block the light from reaching the camera direction, it will still light up the handle and then the handle will show in your picture. This light would work okay from behind the camera as a really broad light source, providing even lighting like a softbox. And you could also use it if you keep it entirely concealed behind the car.

Light paining is usually done with a normal directional flashlight/torch. That way you can hit the exact places you want. If you want to get into the frame then wear dark clothing and use black gaffer or electrical tape to create a snoot for the light. Start on the end of the flashlight and then spiral the tape outward, creating something like a lens hood to stop the light from spilling out the sides. This will help keep the light from reaching the camera so you can use it from within the scene.
Shrouding the fluorescent tubes with a piece of cardboard keeps the light-holding person from being illuminated...fluoro tubes have a habit of putting light out "all around"...

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