Metz 403 Battery????


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Dec 31, 2007
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Just picked up a Metz 403 Flash unit in mint condition - it must have sat in a box for a decade or two. Its minus the battery. I have a couple of old junk 402's in the basement and the battery needed is clearly different. I was toying with using the 403 as a back up unit working events and have since crawled every inch of the web (Metz is no help) looking for a hint as to what the newer replacment battery that would fit it is. Any of you old timers have a 403, or have an idea about the battery? I saw one posting where a "510 zinc #497" battery is noted as working, but I can't find a trace of that one either or the terminology the psoter used is wrong. Help!!!!!?
I think it may take the same battery as the 60, a sealed lead acid (dry fit) 6V 4.2mA.

I'm no expert on this model though so keep looking.

BTW, I'm not an expert on the CT 60 either, I just own one. :)
Just saw your post about the metz 403. What did you ever come up with? I have one that I have had since 1978, and have used it quite a bit. The battery is in fact a 497, and the last I battery I bought, (5 or 6 years ago) I found at a electronic supply house, as it seems no photo stores carry them any more. It was about 75 bucks.

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