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Minolta flashes for Sony a65


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Sep 3, 2013
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Appleton, WI
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Hey everyone. My wife and I are shooting a wedding this weekend. She has zero flash besides her popup, which is obviously an issue here. It's in a crappy dinner hall (both wedding AND reception), and bounce flash is a MUST.I've been looking into flashes on a budget for her. Will the old Minolta shoe flashes that are TTL capable still do TTL with the a65? I don't see why they wouldn't. Also, options we're looking at are the 5400HS, 5400XI, and 5200i. If anyone has another suggestion that I can obtain before Saturday and on the cheap, suggest away. I'm all ears.
I bought a 5200i. It works, but it doesn't do TTL double flash. I think the TTL worked a little differently. I gotta say, Minolta was far ahead of their time with flashes. TTL, HSS, focus assist, all in the early 90s.

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