Minolta SRT 200 and X-7A question


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Jan 27, 2012
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I'm new to photography (probably 2 years in) so please bare with me when I try to describe anything. I have a Minolta SRT-200 and I just bought a X-7A. On the SRT, whenever I move the f-stop ring there is not any visual movement of the shutter, but if I press the stop-down button the blades appear (this doesn't affect the images. it's just annoying). This started happening a long time ago after I took the lens off and then put it back on. Today I bought the X-7A and the shutter worked fine and was visible. I knew that the lens, from the X-7A, would work on my SRT so I put it on. Now after I put the lens back on the X-7A the same thing has happened that I described earlier. Could anyone help me? With both cameras?

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