Minolta X-570, Nikon L-35 AF

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    Hello, new user here. A family member aproached me about these cameras

    ("Minolta X-570,f=35-70mm MC Auto Zoom Macro with lens-cap & strap"., "Nikon AF with 35mm lens 1:2.8" )

    he has them, and wants me to sell them. After some research i have found that they are not worth all that much money. Are these good cameras? Should i just recommend he holds on to them? Or does anyone know of a good place to sell camera equipment? Sorry if this isnt the correct forum to put this question.



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    I didn't know Nikon made a 35mm f2.8 in the AF version, though you should be able to get a fair price for it since it's usable on all but the cheapie Nikons of today.

    The X570? A good camera for those already using the X700 since this one has full metered manual. Lotsa luck on getting a decent price though.

    Incidentally, is the Minolta 35-70mm the straight 3.5 version? It makes a big difference as that version was supposed to have used the same optics as the Leicas.
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