Minolta XD7 metering preview issue


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Sep 18, 2021
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I have a particular issue with my Minolta XD7.

The metering preview with LEDs is not available. There is no LEDs lighting up if I press just a little bit the button. LEDs do not light until I release the shutter.

If someone could help me, I would be pleased!

Thank you
Thank you for your answer.
I haven't been clear in my explanation. The shutter release normally. The light meter works properly.
I just can't "pre push" the button to see what the light meter is saying.

You'll see in the video that there's no light until I release the shutter.

Looks like the lens is stopped down from the supplied video. The half-press action doesn't work with these as I recall because there isn't one. When the meter is switched on, it's on. Am I missing something? Or are you?

Thank you for your answer. The half-press works on these series actually.
I probably have found the reason in the repair guide. I'm supposed to remove the mirror cage. It will be fun...

Capture d’écran 2021-09-19 à 18.12.30.png
What's the state/position of the stop-down button?
What are you calling the stop-down button?
Ok. It's in standard position. Like the other one on my second XD7.
What did you think of?

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