Mint ++ Nikon D3s with all items as new

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Jan 9, 2012
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Hey all,

I've had some unexpected medical bills come up, so I'm in the terrible position of having to unload some of my gear to get through this tough time.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with my D3s, it's just the most valuable piece of gear I can sell at this point, so I'm hoping it finds a good home. I'll be purchasing another one in the spring once 2014 is rearing to go.

This D3s has been babied since I've owned it. I am the second owner (purchased on FM in January) and it's been regularly cleaned. There's right at 60k clicks on it, so it's barely at 20% of its lifespan.

Never dropped or dinged. The only cosmetic issue of any kind is near the right strap mount (see below picture) and that's nothing more than two hairline paint scratches.

Includes everything as if you bought it new from Nikon, including the MH-22 dual charger and a OEM EN-EL4a battery.

If you're looking to buy a D3s, this is almost as good as it gets with a pre-owned model.

Price is $3550 net to me
. Shipping method is at the discretion of the buyer. Obviously, if you read this whole post, you'll know I won't accept any trades.


Here are the pictures. PM me if you want more or have questions.

Please note: I will not ship outside the US (unless you're a well established TPF member and you ask nicely) and I will not respond to lowball offers. The price is right in line with the market for this model in this condition. Thanks for looking.
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Oh man, take my credit card! :D I dream of this one.

Those are probably good dreams. :lol:

I still have a D3 and a D7k for backup, but the D3s is a beast in its own league. I regularly shoot at ISO 8000 at my weddings and they images still look fantastic...

Hopefully, she'll find a good home. TPF doesn't usually draw the high dollar buyer...
would love to have another one!love mine more and more but this just not the right time for me.
Can I pay with a """"cashier's check""" and have you send it to my """"sister"""" in the """UK"""? hehehe j/k I really miss my D3s, I'd love to grab this if I could justify the expense, its a beautiful body in every way.

GLWS, FWIW to any potential buyers, I wouldn't hesitate to buy from James at all.
:looks outside at the car I never drive:
Oh how I want one. Good luck with the sale !
Shakin the lint out of my pockets to see if I have any money. Nope, but I will admit that looking at this D3 makes me consider switching brands.
I thought this was a scam ;)
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