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    Nov 10, 2006
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    I've been interested in photography for 10 years now but have just recently decided to delve in it "professionally". I'm slowly getting equipment, backdrops, etc. I just had a few questions.
    1. Do you all sell frames/albums/etc. with your pictures? If so, where do you get those?
    2. Any ideas on some cheap props or where to get them?
    3. Do you print your final prints in gloss, matte, or luster?
    4. In your opinion, what colors shoot the best (as far as clothing on the subjects)?
    5. Have any of you used smugmug or dotphotopro or any other similar websites where your customers can see their pics online and order them directly? I'm thinking about using one of these but I want to use the best!!

    Thanks for answering a newbie's question!

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