Misplaced Childhood


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Dec 14, 2003
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I was gonna post these in the darkside gallery, but ...well...they are not really that dark.

In the first pic, the childs grave has no stone, and only a small marker. I tried to get the feeling of something missing, as the family only has this teddy bear, and some blocks to remember the child by. I dont know if this is the actuall grave spot, or they just put this memorial there.


With all the warm weather we had here, it melted the snow, and I found some really interesting stuff. Another childs grave.

The first one really makes one wonder...why is there no more permanent marker to the loss of the child? Hopefully it's just a matter of waiting for the monument to be chosen/completed. But the bear and blocks are a silent monument of sorts in the meantime.
The second shot is interesting too...is there more of the 'statue' buried beneath the leaves? The part shown certainly gives one an impression of the late child...lover of his pet dog, a bit of a rascal with the toussled hair, the hint of a grin, and the coveralls slipping down one shoulder.
Nice captures (but sad, too)
Nicely captured mate, i really like these two, i'v not seen child graves like these before. I can see why you put them in the general gallery... i think if they were B+W with a bit of distortion then maybe the D/S.... but well spotted with these, wonder if that second one was made especially for the kid.... kinda creepy :thumbup:
Thanks Jon, Antarctican and Archangel. I really appreciate your comments
Antarctican...The first shot was taken in and area where there are only childs graves. There are quite a few memorials like this one, but all have stones with them. This one kinda stood out for me. It seemed so lonely .
The second there is more buried under the leaves. This grave is under a big tree. There is a family stone behind him, but it seems like a lot was left here for the child.

Thanks again.
wow the feelings in both are great. the comp is perfect in the first! excellent work!
Thanks M @ k o , and Slick. I appreciate your comments.
these are great Chiller! I like the blur in the bottom one, childrens graves are very sad to me. I will have to post one that will make you cry
Thanks for the cool comments.
Wally..I was gonna post this in the darkside. I have a couple more, but I found these more fitting to post. The blur is just a "halo" filter.
ceecookie....neat title...Thanks
It's always hard to see children's graves! Very emotional shots Chiller! Thanks for sharing!

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