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Aug 11, 2008
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Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina
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personally i think your subject is kinda boring. technically it is good, phone is in focus and rest blurry etc. but to me, it's just a photo of a telephone. no offense.
I agree on the lack of interesting subject.

If you actually had "1 Missed call" on the screen and maybe have someone walking away in the background, might add more of a story to the whole image.

Could be my monitor here at work, but it seems a tad under-exposed
I like it that "tad underexposed", but then I tend to like my own photo a bit darker and thus just that smidge more saturated, which is what you went for here, too, I assume?

So that given, I like the colours and natural light.
But as others are saying: there is too little of a story going on that we might think out for ourselves when we look at this photo, which would have given it some more impact.
Maybe its just me but I quite like the simplicity of the shot. I dont think there needs to be a story to a photograph unless you actually want to express something, eg a mood or emotion but this shot is pleasing to my eyes and is actually quite refeshing to see simply just a good photograph.Dont get me wrong, I love photos that are well thought out and convey a story or meaning but I think sometimes we get bogged down with tryin to make our art to arty...If that makes any sense.No offense intended to the other guys and girls comments!
Well, it would not bog this particular photo down any (which, like I said before, also I like because of its lighting and colours and DOF) if there was "Missed Calls: 1" written on the display, that tiny addition, that tiny wee fact alone would add enough to make it more than just a photo of a phone on the carpet. See what's the difference. For otherwise the photo of a phone is ... well, no more than just that: a photo of a phone.

Of course, not every photo needs to tell a story. Landscapes, flowers, some portraits, and lots more photos are just good because they show something beautiful, pleasing - but a phone? :scratch: Hence the idea to have something like a story added.
True but I just like the photo as is,Im not saying you are wrong to want to see something more in the photo Im just pointing out that sometimes I like to see a picture nothing more nothing less.

I mean when an artist paints a blue square and says im going through my blue period most of us would laugh and say whatever, but then he sells it for millions and we say Hmm! :lmao: lol That has no relivance at all does it...I just like the picture and I wont be budged:grumpy:...:mrgreen:
I mean when an artist paints a blue square and says im going through my blue period most of us would laugh and say whatever, but then he sells it for millions and we say Hmm! :lmao:
haha, nicely put how relative meanings and opinions really are
Always great to see discussions on opinions! ... now I have to go paint me a blue square
At least I got people talking :lol:

Thanks everyone on your comments. And chris82, i'm glad you are enjoying it. Thank you for your comments too.

I like this photo actually (and not just because i did it). I love that it's this tight glimpse, a small corner in a room. I kinda feel safe looking at it (don't know if that sounds stupid :D). I think that comes form the somewhat underexposed, massive and saturated style (which LaFoto mentioned was what i was going for).

It's also a view that it is seldom seen, since our angles of viewing things every day are quite different.

Thanks again for your comments!

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