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Nov 15, 2011
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Texas (Hill Country)
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Don't you just hate them! I was sitting at home nursing my flu ridden kiddo back to health when I noticed the lighting outside was pink. i walked outside to find THE most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. Best shot I could get SOOC, no editing!! Look at those amazing colors! Wish I could have driven out to get a decent shot :(

taken from my roof in hopes of a better view

feel free to post your own missed opportunities :)
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Sitting at work tonight....same thing looked outside...ran to the truck grabbed the camera and snapped it...Straight out of camera. Really loving this Sigma 70-200 it has awsome color.
diggin yours as well...;)
feel free to post your own missed opportunities :)
There are too many of them to know where to start. I love airplanes, especially military aircraft, and there is no telling how many times I've heard a fighter on approach to or departure from BNA, and gone blasting through the house with a camera hoping there was a second following. The latest time was a coupel of hours ago and there wasn't a second one. I also love shooting birds and wildlife. Last week I saw two Blue Herons flying across a lake TWICE and both times my camera was at home. Last month I was at work one Saturday and a Red-Tailed Hawk landed in the tree outside my office. My camera was in my car and I got back with it just in time to see him flying out of sight.

It never ends. It's a fact of photographic life.
I only had time to set the sun up between the trees and drop my f-stop to enhance the siloutte....anothe miute and I would have found something to stand on to make the fence drop below the landscape....but it was setting to fast....lucky to get what I did....

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