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Aug 13, 2009
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Yesterday I was at the Yamaha Press Ride for the new 2011 Raptor 125 ATV. I was shooting with an 8 gig CF card on my 7D. When I got home to upload the cards I ended up missing like 7 gigs of pictures. Everthing AFTER IMG_9999 is gone.

My questions are:

  • Can I get the data back
  • How can I prevent this from happening again?
Never mind. Canon put them in a different folder. :)
So the problem seems to have solved itself. I'm glad for you. Phew, I can feel your initial shock when you (thought you had) lost all those photos. Too good to know that they're all there, after all.
Yeah. I was bummed. After I posted I started researching and found out what happened.

I thought I hit reply, but I guess it was edit. Anyway, if someone else loses their stuff, here you go! :thumbup:
Canons used to create a new folder every 100 frames...it made downloading longer shoots a major PITA...most other mfrs. went with 999 frame folder capacity. Glad you figured out how a long shoot is done with the new camera. There's not much worse than that sinking, panicky, "Where did my photos go!?!?!?!?" feeling!
my canon seems to split it into 44 files.

as soon as i format my card, i get 6 folders...
im not sure what you mean by folders when formating. i format my 4gb card in my camera XTi and i have one folder. DCIVsomethingish id have to open a card and double check but formatting does not make a ton of folders. am i doing something wrong all this time? or is it different on newer bodies.

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