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Feb 21, 2009
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Left Coast, Canada
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Well, we're near the end of winter here and I am looking forward to sun and being outside. While going through and archiving some old client shots I came across this one from the beginning of the fall. I miss that sunshine! C&C more than welcome. I love this shot, but I am very bothered by the blown out area on her right, and the top of her head being missing. Anything else to improve? :)

I would maybe crop it so that she is further to the right, know what I mean? I actually don't mind the blown out area on this shot because it really just says SUN to me, in a good way! Like a fun, sunny day.
The blown out area doesnt bother me so much, but her skin tone seems a little too cool.
Thanks for the suggestions! I can see now that her skin does look a little cool. Doesn't really jive with the warmth of the sun.

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