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Aug 2, 2022
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Hello, I've always loved photography and just buckled down to get my first camera! I purchased an entry-level Nikon z5 and have the 24mm-50mm lens kit, and also just purchased the 85mm 1.8 lenses. I've watched video after video on how to improve my photos and on editing flow but I have found it's just so much easier to get out and practice myself to see what works for me. I have done a lot of free shoots over the past 2 months and I'm at a point where I want to try and start offering outdoor children's mini shoots and family shoots. I'm so nervous don't even know where to begin with promoting, pricing, and having the confidence to shoot people that I don't know, on top of worrying if they are good enough to start charging or need more work. I live In Alabama and the prices and photos you receive from different photographers in the area, for mini shoots range anywhere from $45-200 a session. I am a daycare director so I have a lot of families I have met over the years that I still have some contact with on Facebook. Anyhow, if anyone has any advice on how you started it would be much appreciated. Did you make a Facebook page? What did you start offering first and how were your prices compared to other pros in your area?

Also, I have found it so much easier to edit with brush presets and adjust presets in lightroom. I hate photoshop and only use it sometimes for things like liquefy. Is this enough for professional family portraits? Is there any cps editing software that you recommend for people who dislike photoshop?

I'm including the last session I did with my 4-year-old daughter in our backyard. This would be one of the sessions I would like to do. Omegle TV I took around 90 pictures and had 20 I liked enough to edit. How many pictures do you normally take in a session and how many do you end up editing to send to the customer? Do you send the ones you didn't edit as well? Thanks!

Any opinions on how to improve my photos, how they are taken, or how they are edited, are graciously welcomed. I used my 85mm for this, no on-camera flash or light reflector but my flash just came yesterday! I have a disk reflector with multiple sides, just struggle knowing when to use it and setting it up while shooting! Thanks
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Kinda hard to make suggestions on how to improve when we can't see what you're creating.

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