"model" music suggestions?


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Jun 27, 2003
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i need some cheesy model music suggestions :lol: ... i've used all the ones i know, but i need more, something upbeat to get the model loose and in the mood.. i got stuff like George Michael, Madonna, u know? ... i need a few more... got any?
What about some good Jazz? Nothing crazy like John Zorn ..

Miles Davic
The Dave Brubeck Quartet is good
Since I'm a fiddle player, gotta recommend Mark O'Connor In Full Swing
right said fred, im too sexy... gets um every time!

md :wink:
Why not play what the model wants (if you have it, or have them bring their own music)

I'd go for dance music. I can't suggest any off the bat.

I do know models seem to work better with certain types of music they enjoy, and same with the photographer...or is that just me???
I've found the best music to be either

a) upbeat crap nobody but you has heard.
b) have the model bring fast/fun stuff s/he likes.

in case you actually know what you want to shoot beforehand (gasp) - select mood music. You want the beach? Bring 60s Jan & Dean, Beach boys. You want sultry? Try jazz...people tend to groove to whatever's on and fit their own mood to what's playing.
70's Funk mama...gets-em every time...I can't tell you how many times I have.....ummmm never mind.
chaseman24 said:
How about a little NIN...

I wanna ____ you like an animal...

LOL :twisted:

i now crown you the new lord of pottymouthedness... i will bow down and swear my allegiance.


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