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Nov 27, 2009
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a couple of shots i like from some of my past shoots. definitely still need so much more practice. lighting and positions is what i have the most trouble with







#3 and #4 is my favorite. 1 and 2 looks like she doesn't have any expression.
I think gal #1 was your best model, she has a very clean fresh face. Maybe if she smiles a little more next time then you could get some pretty shots, but I personally think the no expression works.
I'm a fan of these!
#3, 4 and 5... amazing!! I love the personality in those images. Great stuff!
Love #1 but it needs a little more processing.
I love one. Clean and simple. Agree with Schwetty though, it could use a tiny bit (more?) of PP.

I also like 4 & 5, minus the duckface. :sexywink:
4 and that.
Great model edgy cool shots....careful with the in 4 doesn't work in 5.

4 is by light years the best of this set.
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You did great.

Things I would look at. In 1 and 7, when you center someone in the frame in a symmetrical background, make sure that both the model and YOURSELF are perfectly centered and symmetrical, you were slightly off center in both shots. In Number 6, looks like all available light, if would have benefited from a reflector to soften but NOT eliminate the shadows on her face

Light in 1 & 2 is plesant but lacks a little punch, too flat, but pleasant
These are great! I especially love #s 3 and 5! The only thing with 4&5 is that I think they could be a little warmer.
If her body was angled different instead of straight on with flat with cam in the last few she may have appeared more slim (pics 4, 5)

Pic 3 if she had the opposit leg up and her fingers were together it may have changed her figure and where the pic draws the eyes
I like the ones of the girl in the stockings alot. She has great attitude in her shots. The last one reminds me of a cheesy senior portrait. I say avoid train tracks like a plague.
Overall, the lighting is pretty flat on the models for my tastes. No numbers on the photos but 1 wasn't flat, but it was in direct sunlight with really hard, harsh, unflattering shadows.

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