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Monitor help


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Apr 7, 2009
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north east, Mexico
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Hello there... I've been a bit off from photography, I had really enjoyed this hobby in the past but over the last couple of years really have just taken photos and left them there unorganized...
I need to organize my albums, but doing it only on my mac pro (13") will be a hard task since I need to check which ones are in my backup, which folders I already copied to the external drive, etc etc ... and cannot do it only in a small laptop monitor... also some light post processing, just the basic saturation, and minor corrections I use (or used to use I should rather say) Luminar 4

I am planning on getting a monitor, I'm actually looking at doing so through eBay so save some $$, I've seen monitors that used to sell in the $100 before the pandemic (chip shortage) are now 50-70% more nowadays, to be quite franc I do not want spend more than ~100-130, so I'm looking at options in eBay..

I just want a 24" half-decent to decent monitor, I'm looking at a couple of different ones of these models

HP V21i

there are also a couple of Dell and ACER options ... but I use HP at work and seems OK for what I'm looking for.

the question here is, would something like this do a decent job in terms of color accuracy? again, I'm not looking for perfection, I will not allocate that kind of budget, but just wanted a couple of you sharing your thoughts about that....

thanks for any help you guys can provide.
Having looked into it recently myself, I'd suggest the specs to look for would be an IPS screen with 100% (or near 100%) sRGB coverage. It would be good to get something with a delta E of < 2 (meaning that the factory calibration should be fairly good out of the box), but not all reviews will test that.

For colour accuracy regular calibration is a must, and needs to be done using coloromiter (like those produced by Datacolor or Calbrite/X-Rite). Without that it's going to be a stab in the dark

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