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    I have some invites to if anybody is interested. I do get commission for inviting people, but honestly it's a pretty good site!

    Moola is a gambling site, but it doesn't cost a penny. When you join you're given a free penny, and every time your account hits 0 you just get another free penny to start working up from again! The site is entirely ad powered, which pays for the free penny, and everything you win is won from other players so it really is profit for all!

    What's more, you can transfer any amount of your balance into the savings balance, which can't be played with so it's locked as yours until you cash it out - You still get the free penny when your balance drops to 0, even if you have savings.

    Anyway it's entirely free so please grab an invite from me and see for yourself. Please note it's only available in America and Canada though unfortunately.


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