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May 29, 2006
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As I mentioned in my earlier post with the Amish bookshelf in it, I would post more pics from that set. I'll recap for those that don't know the story. I was in a beginners photojournalism class and had to photograph "people without people." I chose to go with Amish because I didn't want to do anything like anyone else in my class was going to do. (My class was mostly starving for a lot of their ideas...) I talked with my friend who set me up with these people, and made sure it was okay that I brought a camera into their home. I had their full permission to take any picture of anything except of them. (The religion prohibits pictures - something to do with graven images or something...I don't fully understand it yet.) I had turned in 3 of these pictures, and took 36 pictures of their surroundings.

For those that haven't seen the other thread...

I turned the first three pictures in, and ended up with an A on the project.

Part of their livingroom...

The couple had just had a baby, and these are the cards people have sent them congradulating them.



I realize this is a bad pic, but this is to show you the lighting I was working with...



His name is Dresser, and he is VERY well behaved. There were two other horses, but they refused to stay even remotely still. I HATE having to work with slow shutter speeds...

The day we went to visit the Amish, it was on a Sunday. I wanted to learn about the culture before I started taking pictures, so my friend drove me by the church. I wanted to get some shots of it, but this is the only one I could get. I couldn't/wouldn't get any closer because of the graven images thing in their religion. Compositionally I kinda like this one...

Again, I was working with shutter speeds that were extremely slow because there was no electricity. The people were very nice, and I hope to go visit them again. I sent them a thank you note and well wishes. It is a shame that my professor accidentally threw away my negatives to this project...And on that note, I shall head over to the darkroom section and ask some questions there. Hope you guys like these! :heart:
I really liike #6, the doorway. One of my interests is geometric, angular compositions aswell as patterns. So this really is my sort of shot. A touch over exposed through the door window and maybe on the white wall. But its says alot about the simple way of life.

Good work.
Foffen said:
I agree. Must have been a great thing to do.

It really was an awesome experience. I think the best part was just sitting down and actually talking with the people. (It was mainly the man of the house talking...) It turns out that this particular person is in the Guiness Book of World Records for hand-making the most horse bridals (or something similar) and sending them to one location for one event.
As a series, i.e. the way you are presenting your photos now, I like them a lot better than I did the one (first of the series) in the other thread. This one DOES tell a story, after all, and a good one, too. There are people, after all, even though they don't show, but the congratulation cards for their newborn child do, and I like that aspect!
And yes, I also like the words "Heilige Schrift" on that Bible, but that is because I am seeing something German in American photos ;).
LaFoto said:
And yes, I also like the words "Heilige Schrift" on that Bible, but that is because I am seeing something German in American photos ;).

What does the text mean? I'm not sure it is "a bible"...but I was very intrigued with it...
It is a bible.
This is our word for it.
"Heilige Schrift" means "holy scripture" ... all German bibles are called that.
You did a wonderful job with these, and I am certain your photos must have been very unique in comparison to your classmates. I agree with #6 being the best "people without people" picture, but something (Perhaps the stark contrast ?) keeps drawing me back to #8.
Great job :D

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