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Sep 9, 2010
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Tampa, FL
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I haven't been able to put my Nikon down since I've gotten it lol.

Shot with Nikon D5000 manual mode 1/200 200 ISO F5.6-8.0 respectively.


Not the most attractive flower, but I liked how sharp the center was.

Missed focus a bit on the this one, I want to say I was to low/big with my app setting. I did like the colors though.

Not quite sure how I feel about this one...
Flowers straight on are not always the most interesting......=) Try taking some pictures at crazy angles.......maybe from underneath or the side. The angles will make the pictures more interesting.

Keep shooting!! It looks like you are having fun!!!
i like number three the best. the others are kindof standard. did you miss the focus on the bunch of flowers on the bottom of number three? if not then its just a shallow depth of field because of a fairly wide aperture. you may have missed it but they are small sized images so i really can't tell.
I enjoy flower shots Ive posted some in the gallerie section of this forum of my roses I still have so much to learn>I enjoted looking at youre pics
All the pics are superb.The results of photos from Nikon D500 is great.I was looking for this type of great and clear quality camera for my brother.I think this one is good.Can you post some more pictures from this camera ?
You are right! the 2nd is the one you caught the best. It was infocus. Seems you missed the others a little. I agree with the other comment about shooting them from crazy angles. Look for something different. Good luck and keep having fun!

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