Morning Owl


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Jun 7, 2008
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My burrowing owl friends were back at the park on the way into work this morning. I used this opportunity to try my Sigma 2X TC. I rarely use it as I wasn't impressed with the IQ when I used it with my Sigma 100-300mm f/4. It seems to work better with my 400.


Canon 7D
Canon EF400mm f/5.6 + 2X (800mm)
1/25 sec f/14 ISO 200
teleconverters are a tough call.. i use one alot when i do birds, sometimes even 2 of em ugggg. lol.. i have found that the quality of the teleconverter is different with each lens.. for example on my sigma 300-800 i don't like the tc one bit.. but on my nikon 600mm i get great results with the nikon 2x and acceptable results when i stack the 2x and the 1.7 i've been told that a sigma tc will work better on that sigma lens i have, so maybe i'll check that out someday... it's just a trial and error thing til you find a lens/tc combination that works well for you

the focus looks like you got it in focus but it's a bit soft, perhaps due to the lighting though.. do some tests at home and see what works for you


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