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Austin Greene

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Jan 6, 2012
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So, I saw that someone had posted a "give me likes for my birthday" thread, and it got me thinking. I've seen some pretty big numbers around TPF when it comes to that little "Like" count box in the top right of the thread, but never anything past a couple hundred.

TPF has a "Most Posts Ever" thread, so why not a "Most Likes Ever" thread?

I say we go on a "Like" stampede, just for ****s and giggles. Lets see if we can get that number to hit 1,000 or maybe more! How does 10,000 sound? I figure if quite a few people liked quite a few other peoples individual posts, it wouldn't be too hard, and we all know we spend more than enough time in TPF just waiting for new posts to pop up!

I'd love to see someone's face when they enter a thread, only to have their eyes pop out in a glorious moment of "Like" ecstasy when they see so many digits in that box. Well, maybe without the eye-popping part ;)

So, on that note, post whatever you like, and try to keep it funny! So long as it fits within forum rules, anything goes. With any luck, while we're all clicking away, we might also get a couple laughs in, and maybe combat some of the classic drama that plagues most parts of TPF :)

I'll begin with 7 minutes and 50 seconds of feline funnies ;)

P.S: It is HIGHLY recommended that, for the betterment of humanity and the TPF community, you like this first initial post as you work your way down the list. Else, some kitten somewhere might have a heart attack, and we wouldn't want that...


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Oooooh, a "like" abusing thread! Maybe I can hit 3,000 "likes" by May!
Did I ever tell you guys that I'm a like whore?!!!! WELL I AM!!!
Aww I'm totally a like whore too!!! Cheers to Like whores!
Can we do uber cuteness too?? I dare you not to like this

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I call this one "Put down that big obnoxious black plastic thing you're always shoving in our faces now and SAVE ME from this damn kitten MOM!" LOL! My kitten annoying/tormenting his older brother

Save me! by blackrose1981, on Flickr
O.M.G Toga. Serious Head Explode!
Hey look! He's got a bear belly!

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