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mostly automotive - my photos


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Feb 5, 2009
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oslo, norway
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Got into photography by documenting my own project cars. Taking pictures grew on me, and as time went by others wanted me to shoot their cars aswell. I've limited myself to shooting cars, but I've set myself a goal this year to get out and do something else besides automotive photography this year.

Seeing as it's winter here in norway with sub zero degrees untill april/may, I can only show you some of my previous work. I'll try and keep the thread as light as possible and only post 1 picture pr post.

I can start out with the hottest car I've gotten to photograph so far: a lamborghini diablo jota se30. A very limited number of cars were produced by lamborghini (read 15 some where...) and most you see are diablo's with a body kit. This is a real jota se30.

Picture was taken outside a school in norway using a canon eos 400d and canon's ef-s 17-55 f2.8 is. Nothing else.

wow that is a nice car..
Wow, thats a fantastic photo! Colours, contrast and composition are perfect. That would make a super calander shot, I'd put it on my wall.
Wow Wow wow .... how you made this light ???

The light is all photoshop ;) I posted this one in the "introduce yourself" thread, but I guess not everyone is reading the posts there so here it goes. Same car, another location. This picture is a composit, consisting of the car & ground, hand drawn background, and 2 different photos of some clouds (all my photos, ofcourse)

Canon eos 400d with 17-55 f2.8 is again.

1987 Bmw e30 m3, same camera set up as the lambo shots:


The car was in a very good condition, and is a true classic.
You like the m3? Then I *think* you're going to like this one aswell:



Still eos 400 with 17-55. No flashes or anything fancy.
No one even mentioned the 3 degree horizon tilt on the 2nd Lambo shot... ;)

They do look incredible!! Other-wordly, almost.
This car was featured in a movie that's concidered a cult classic here in norway (norwegian movie). The owner does not want to restore it, as the car looked this way even in the movie.

It might not be bright and shiny, but the car has tonns of personality.


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