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Jul 8, 2008
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Newark, DE
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Ok my friend went out mountain biking yesterday and I went to take some pictures. There are straight from the camera and have not been edited at all. Let me know what you think. Thanks.






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Might want to put some that work all these have been moved or deleted.
Should work now. I wasn't thinking and changed the album they were in on photobucket.
6 is the best IMHO.
Maybe a slower shutter speed to get a little motion blur in the wheels. Or perhaps a panning locked..but background motion..Needs some movement I think. Nothing really wrong with the shots. I just like a little action...LOL

Motion blur goes a long way in biking shots.
Google mountain biking...and check out the pics for some ideas. Probably 90% of them are slow shutter speed with motion really makes em pop.
I like the first one. The second would be great too, but the rider looks a tad out of focus.
Other than the suggestion to try and get some motion into the pictures is there anything else I should keep in mind for the future. This was my first time actually going out with the intention of taking pictures.
1- Could definatly use some cropping to remove the side of the rail on the right hand side. You seem to have a lot of empty space on top of the biker, which isn’t adding to the picture. I’m thinking a closer zoom in to try and fill the frame more with your main subject.
2- Again, too much space on top of the biker. He is pretty out of focus as well
3- Try getting a bit closer in, getting more of his tired face. If you were higher up, you could get his face in and maybe some of the uphill he just climbing, bringing out the tiredness (lol, is that a word?)
4- Good depth in the picture, but it still looks a bit flat. Needs a bit of a contrast boost in post processing
5- Fun concept. I'd wait until he is closer and get the front part of the bike going by the stone. The stone is also a bit too centered
6- My fave in the set, although its a bit tight on the front wheel (which is not fully in the frame). Moving slightly to your left to have his head a bit less centered and the whole front wheel might work

Overall, I think you did a good job! Work on getting more interesting angles and also trying to fill more of the frame with your main subject.
I hope this helps =)
Work on panning technique, you can get some really nice shots with that technique.

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