Mt. McKinley


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Jun 7, 2008
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From boat on Chulitna River, Denali State Park, Alaska

Awesome pic! I used to love seeing that peak when I lived in Anchorage!
Thanks. This is one from my June 2009 trip. I got lucky ... we had views of the mountain for almost a week straight! From what I heard, that's very rare!
I really like the composition you have there.

You may want to bring it into photoshop and add a little more vibrance and contrast. Its a little flat. Even the green trees dont seem to be nice and green. I think it could pop a lot more with a few minor corrections.

Other than that, wonderful shot.
Thats amazing! I took a trip to Denali in august. I never got to see McKinley because the whole week I was there it was raining:meh: My aunt said they had record rainfall for the summer...

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