Mud...round one

wow!!!! ... that mud shot is priceless :D
We took a few thousand pictures this week, I am still sorting through the piles. I will post some more as I come across them. Thanks for the comments so far, please feel free to be brutal if necessary... :)
There's a few more now. So far I am not really happy with any of the pictures we have taken but it was a good learning experience. We did not bring a lot of equipment on the shoot so we were fairly limited as to what we could do lighting wise. The mud was fun but seems like more of a gimmick than anything else. The biggest thing I would say was not really the photography. We had 4 models there and they remaining three that were not being shot would get restless. I had more trouble taking care of the off camera models than the on camera ones. I bought them a Frisbee and a nerf football which seemed to keep things under control. It also provided for some pretty funny photos.

Anyway, if I were to do it over I would take one or two models per day, and have plenty of things for them to do when not active. Food also seems to be a great motivator. I found this out on accident and had a much easier time afterwards.

I also lost a knob off my tripod. Does anyone know if you can buy replacement knobs? It a boegen, I imagine there would be a kit somewhere but I haven't found one yet.
Let me know if you need help keeping the models occupied I suppose I could volunteer my time.
In all seriousness though I really like you're first two photos. I think the I'd prefer the first one if the eyes were over to the left a slight bit more. I'd like to be able to see a little more of the left corner of her eye.
I don’t' have anything to say about the second photo other then fantastic, I love the composition.

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