Muffin the border collie


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Sep 2, 2015
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A few shots from heath.




Very pretty! Dog and photos.
All really nice but OMG #3 & #4. Just GORGEOUS. If that was my dog, #4 would be on a HUGE canvas on my wall.
Great location, great lighting conditions, and a fine-looking dog. Much,much better class of canine portraiture than we're used to seeing here on TPF. It's kind of funny to me how the dog's tongue color seems to coordinate so well with the flowering plants in the meadow! I think Shot #1 might also offer the option to darken the background to emphasize the warm evening light that is hitting the dog's ears. Same thing also for the last shot; these are well-exposed, so they probably have some leeway to make them look darker, and more golden hour like, or to adjust them several ways. Really fine pictures like this can be explored in more than one look. I would be so happy if this were my dog, and these were photos of him or her.

Nice shooting on these! This dog must be somebody's pride and joy--look at its teeth! So beautiful and pearly,pearly white!
Great set, and I really love #3! :)

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