Multiple Geographic Specific Wedding Photography Domains (Calif : Northeast : Int'l)

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    It is the spring time and I am shifting the vast majority of my photography back to corporate & public relations photography.

    As I make this transition I have a handful of domains, that all have produced high traffic, that no longer play a part in my marketing.

    These domains are ideal for both those working a geographic area and those seeking to establish a presence in a geographic area they work but do not reside in.

    The domains for sale are as follows

    CALIFORNIA (US$150 each or both for $250)

    EAST COAST (US$150 each or two for $250)

    INTERNATIONAL (US$250 each)

    If you'd like a web site (or more than one) payments are accepted via PayPal and transfer of the domain will commence within 48hrs of the payment being received.

    Any questions, drop me an e-mail at


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