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Aug 15, 2006
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what kind of cacti those be? I've never seen anything like that before.
Really great. I love the sunset in the background. However, there's a bluish white thing bottom left of the main tree that really bugs me.
And I thought an image showing myself was included here ;)

nice colours , and it is always amazing to see the kind of landscape you have at your doorstep :)
i love it!

beautiful colors, beautiful subject. the whole thing is just lovely!
thanks- the blue thing is part of a fallen branch.

Here's my pages on the plant-creature
Nice subject of two aesthetic joshua balls, good subject positioning at 2/3 golden, realistically believable dawn sky color and warm illumination of foreground from the warm lower sky.
Thanks David, it is one of the more retarded trees I've seen lately. I like them though. Cool place to hang out.
Nice shot, I like the silhouette of the cacti and the sunset over the mountain landscape looks nice!

If you want something new to try you should try using a flash to get the front cactus lit up. Haha I heard something like that in a magazine I read.

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