My 3 bullies


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Nov 12, 2007
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3 very different styles of pitbulls, not sure of the 1st two, we got them half grown. Nylah is a Presa Canario/Pitbull.

Chopper - just turned 1


Kahlua, our old girl


Nylah - 4


Awe the expression in the last picture is priceless! Definately looks deep in thought... neat markings too
Thanks! Yeah I love the last one...she's my baby! I'm surprised she sat still for a sec.
they are pretty pups but they still look like they will eat your face LOL

they really are sweet, might lick you to death though:flower:
Cute pups. But I really, really dislike the term "bullies". I have a pittie and shes far from a bully...

People fight that pits are amazing dogs all the time (I'm one of them) but if we keep labeling them as bullies and mean then when will we win?
They are banned in Ontario, I believe.

I find it amazing that people will BAN a dog!Often its not even a pitbull that does the biting.. Its just other dogs that look like pits or people not knowing what a pit even looks like and just assumes because its teh cool thing to do!!
I'm totally against dog breed banning, you can read an interesting article on that here.

I have friends with pitbulls, boxers, rotweilers, you name it. They're all great dogs!

Anyways, cool pictures. I love pit bulls.
Wow good read. They thankfully have not banned pits in my city. But when it happens I sure as hell will be up at the court house cuddling w/ my puppy offering free pets.
They are banned in Ontario, I believe.


I know people love their dogs and although I don't have a dog these days I'm a fan of dogs in general but not these. I hear too many bad stories about how they wouldn't hurt a fly and then like the click of a switch they snap and tear a child half to death. In another case the ***** was pregnant and became uber defensive and shredded the jack russel that they also owned. I know more often it's the owner and not the dog that's the problem. None the less too dangerous to take the risk especially around children.
In Ireland pitbulls, boxers and other such dogs become a fashion statement overnight for tough guys that want to intimidate people (probably some movie that was out). Now there is some sort of small Government imposed restrictions on them; can't own one if you;re under 16, must be muzzled in public, must be ID'd at all times.
My understanding is that the breeding has a lot to do with great or aggressive dogs. I have been with professional breeders watching a dog show as they easily pick out the best and worst of certain breeds and which dogs they would mate with their champions. They are the ones who are obsessed with improving the breed.

At the other end of the spectrum are the puppy farms who sell to dog stores and don't give a d*** about anything but profit. When a certain breed becomes popular it often leads to very sloppy breeding at the puppy farms. Mating two aggressive dogs of any breed certainly does not lead to a calm, quiet and friendly puppy.

So, if you pick a dog from a capable breeder you have a better chance of a great dog.


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