my cheecky six month old daughter tomboy

the real slim aidy

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May 12, 2006
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She's only six months old?
In this outfit she appears to be much older.
And I don't think my kids could sit at only six months!
Lovely eyes, very dark.
I love her pout.
She was curious as to what daddy was doing, right?
I think that in this case the on-camera flash really worked fine!!! (for a change.... usually I hate it)
i cant take credit for this photo my wife took it a few days ago in the local park.Yes shes only six months old shes a tiny baby the clothes were huge on here lol
lovely shot,those eyes are great:thumbup:
Congratulations to your wife then, Aidy, for this photo of your daughter.
And she is a cutie in these large jeans clothes. "Tomboy", as you are saying. Lovely one! Cheers to your wife.

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