My Dilemma (how do u spell dilemma?!)


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Oct 26, 2007
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So no more avoiding the issue with the old "oh it depends on what your preferences are",
Load of BULL!

Which is better? XTI or D40

Haha! Only jokin

What i really wanna know is which is better? Nikon or Canon

No no actually what i would like is for you to tell me what lens i should buy without my telling you anything about myself, type of photography i like or budget.

Wait also while your at it could you C&C the 4 thousand three hundred photos i have posted below!!!

Sorry in work, Just playin........
It's funny, I get it, but put it in one of the TPF Cafe forums, not here.
Apologies. Your right should have posted it elsewhere. Wasnt thinkin. It will prob get moved by someone....

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