My dirty garage and a busy intersection

Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by G. Ike, Nov 20, 2008.

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    Hey guys,
    These 2 photos were taken a couple days ago and for some reason they stuck out to me. The first one depicts a window in my garage. I loved the way the light filtered in as well as the shadows it created. The second was taken while stopped at the the worst intersection in my area. I thought the picture captured the business and inhabitation of the area. I'm open to any comments or criticism. Thanks alot!


    1. [​IMG]

    2. [​IMG]

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    in order to capture what you say you love about the effects of the window in the 1st picture, may i suggest a different composition? try something for a farther distance in order to capture those effects on the garage as a whole (well, part of the garage).

    the second picture doesnt really stick out to me. theres no real compostion, and the bundle of power lines on the left overpowers the more negative space of the blue sky on the right.

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