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Dec 16, 2003
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I was just making up a lost dog poster. There are few things that will give you that same sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.

I inherited my dog from my Grandmother when she passed away. I actually bought my grandmother's house and the dog stayed with it. I often joke that I bought a $200,000 dog and got a free house.
I don't know exactly how old she is, but most agree that it's around or over 20 years...140 in dog years. She's completely deaf, can't smell too well and her eyes are as cloudy as a stormy sky. She's had the majority of her teeth pulled and her back is bent like you'd expect from any 140 year old lady. But for all that, she still does her business outside, even when the temperature drops to -30.

She sleeps most of the time, so we didn't notice she was gone until going to bed last night. The in-laws are staying over, so more people than normal have been coming and going, nobody really remembers when they saw her last. We searched the house and combed the neighborhood last night, but didn't find her. It's hard because she's deaf and wouldn't hear anyone calling her. It's not too cold outside, the daytime high is just below the freezing mark (zero C) but it's obviously colder at night.

Anyway, I was just making the poster here at work and I was going to drive home at lunch, so my wife could put them up....we just got word that she was found and has been taken to the SPCA (dog pound). :D What a relief.




Dogs are members of the family. Glad to hear she will return home safely! ;)
She is a cutie! So glad your story seems to have a happy ending already!

I had a cat like that; I'd had him since I was a pre-teen and he was still going strong when my kids were little. He lived to be about 23 years old...deaf as a doorknob, but otherwise pretty healthy. Still went outside and hunted. He would likely have made it several years more, but he fell asleep outside, and since he was deaf, he didn't hear the dogs until it was too late. The vet actually managed to mend him up from what the dogs did, but the stress was too much and he had a heart attack.

I'm afraid one of my older cats that I have now ("only" about 15, I think) had another stroke last night. She's had a couple of them; can't meow anymore and has trouble digesting her food. Anyway, she fell off the back of the couch last night and I thought she was just being clumsy, but then realized she couldn't move her back legs. She's regained function in them as of this morning, though, so I'm hoping she's okay. Still trying to decide whether to see if my son can come home from college this weekend--it's really HIS cat, and I'm just afraid she may not be long for this world.

With my cat's little stroke still on my mind today, it was very nice to read about your happy ending!
Glad you found her - I would be sick if one of my dogs got away

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