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Aug 14, 2012
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Just recently put this photograph into a local photography competition and found my photo in the Gold Coast Bulletin (along with other peoples work) So happy that they decided to put my photo in :)

The skin is a bit blown out on the forehead and I feel like the eyes could pop more with some quick PP.
Hey! Your skin really looking blown, stunning photograph with plenty adorable face. Like most of it there is no doubt you win in the competition.
I was a bit bored, so I took the liberty of doing a little color management (still a noob so don't take me too seriously) what could a second perspective hurt? ...

Please excuse my over-zealous approach to what I think this girl should look like... I know nothing.

I do not mind the blown out look, I mean she has an incredibly fair skin, why not play off that? I give you a :thumbup: on the picture, I do hope you win.


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I've fixed up the photograph

It looks greenish on my computer, Dinardy edit is better IMO, but a little bit too red. It may depend on my screen.
So umm like this bit of warming ??

I gave it a quick go... the crop bugs me but nothing I tried was any better. lol
Here's my edit

1) Upped yellow a lot and red a bit
2) Sharpened it a good deal, more in the eyes and lips and hair than elsewhere
3) Pulled back the highlights a few points
4) Tried to accentuate freckles a tad more
5) Upped vibrance a bit on her and reduced saturation a bit on background
6) Tiny bit of vignetting

If you want to accentuate fair skin, I'd suggest upping saturation on eyes and lips instead of blowing out skin. You'll get the same perception but without loss of detail.
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