My first attempt at HDR, not so good.


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Jun 4, 2006
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Don't waste your money on a Walmart tripod or risk putting an expensive camera on it, just not worth the risk.

Check out Amvona on ebay. They have nice legs and heads for a nice price. I got mine for $85 shipped, very heavy but reliable and sturdy.


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Dec 13, 2007
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You get what you can afford, in this day and age. I'm getting that same Walmart tripod. It's what I can afford. I can understand going for something better if you had a dSLR, but if I was able to buy a dSLR, I would be able to afford the more expensive better tripods.

I do find it funny though, just like the comments on non-dSLR cameras, people here like to rip products apart that they have absolutely no experience with.

I've looked at $60-70 tripods at my local camera store (Ritz is the best I can do for a camera store) and they were indeed garbage. As soon as I opened it up and set it on the ground, the legs bent. The legs are not cylintrical, but are concave on one side. Takes all strength right out of them. I'm not entirely positive on the construction of the tripod at Walmart, but I've read pretty good reviews on them from folks here as well as other sites. Sounds like they are pretty stout coming from those actually using them, rather than those who can afford expensive equipment and has never even looked at the Walmart one.

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