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Jul 14, 2013
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I usually dont shoot this style so Im ready for the c&c. My main issue is that Im not getting close enough, didnt realize until I got home.


DSC_0124 by mshipman89, on Flickr


DSC_0115 by mshipman89, on Flickr
Well it's not really macro at all. I don't abide by a strict, arbitrary definition of 1:1 magnification like many people do, but even still, this is so far from that as to pretty clearly not be macro. It's just mediocrely close up shots of stuff.

Anyway, that said:
1) I really like your watermark usage!
2) The first image is pretty boring, especially with no people on the courts. And I feel like it is trying to communicate some deep message to me, but it isn't. Why chain link? Why not just a shot of the tennis courts? And if it were, why a shot of the tennis courts?
3) The second image is better. Certainly less arbitrary, has good composition and lighting, nice photo, technically fine (a little bit of distraction at the top and upper right, but meh). A little "stock"-ish, though. Great if I want a generic spiderweb to put advertising copy on, but not very emotionally stirring or thought provoking, you know? Plus, I see enough spiderwebs that I'm nto very fascinated by the wonderous detail, either. Usually the macro I think is really cool is instead when the photo shows me some crazy details of the microscopic world that I never would have stopped and noticed normally. To a large extent, though, I think this is something that will come a little bit more naturally when you actually do real macro / get a lot more magnified. So I wouldn't worry too much.
Thanks buddy, mainly my goal for these were just to brush up my ability correctly manual focus. I kept doing it all day and just liked the way these turned out. Thanks for the criticism
Chain link and tennis courts go together like biscuits and jam...or biscuits and butter, or biscuits and courts and chain link fencing is a VERY common pairing, around the world. "I get it".

The spider web shot. Well-done. Good lighting and the perfect background for it. The watermark hurts the shot though, whereas on the tennis courts shot, your mark is almost invisible.

Both of these photos share a bold, high-contrast feeling, and both make use of strong lines, and patterns. While not earth-shattering, they at least held my eye for a bit.
Thanks buddy, they werent meant to be the best of the best. I was just trying to learn my camera a little better and was using thing I saw as I drove around. There is no meaning or message to the tennis court shot, just once I pulled it off the camera I liked the way it turned out.
I agree with the watermark placement on the web shot but I tried multiple sizes, and locations and just couldnt find anywhere that looked good, so it was pretty much a lose lose and I decided to put it there. Thanks again for the criticism, anything that helps me get better is much appreciated.

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