My First Attempt at the Dark Side


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Apr 6, 2006
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The Mighty Midwest
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(See Landscape/Nature for the "light" version)

I'm open to critiques/criticisms... and let me know if this isnt "dark" enough :wink:

It's a nice shot, with nice tones, but to satisfy the hard core darksiders there probably needs to be a ghost, body, killer, grave, gravestone or cemetery in it! :lol: (Let's see what other posts say.) Either way, welcome to the dark side.
Welcome to the darkside! I so love when new blood comes in... I think the tree in the center has an eerie feel to it (although I admit I'd love to see a ghost sitting beneath it next to (or on) the water... great start though!
I added a "ghost" for you guys

...methinks it still needs some work
Great shot, tones are very nice and the addition of the Grim Reaper makes it perfect for the dark side. I am also liking that tree!
yea good job WNK, i like the second version :thumbup:
Very cool. The second shot, with Mr Grim works. Nicely done.!!!
Welcome to the darkside
Welcome to the Dark Side ... and it's nice that you found Uncle for the Cousins Grimm!

Love the look of the tree, btw!

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