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Oct 19, 2007
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tulsa, ok
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Just got my rebel xt yesterday!
Been taking some random pictures and messing with settings.
I love it, my only complaint is there is lots of grain. I use a high iso so I can use a decent shutter speed.

<img src="</img>






They arent exactly meant to be artistic, just a couple of my favorites from my friends being here and messing with things like depth of field.

And a quick Q to anyone who might answer, is needing an iso of 1600 in a normally lighted room (75 watt bulb?) an f stop of 5.6, and shutter of 1/20 or 1/30 to get a decently light picture normal? The pic in the room is from at night, no lights on but the computer monitors. I use a shutter speed of like 1/10 and an fstop of 3.5 I think.

Well, any comments welcome! Just got a camera and here to have fun, take pictures of friends and I skating.

Edit-Weird, the image tags arent working?

Just go to and the photos are listed there!
THe image tag doesn't support ftp:// :(
You could have opened up your aperture more if you wanted to lower the ISO...
but I'm assuming you're using the kit lens at you can't.

One 75watt bulb? ya, that's not very bright...

upload your pics on photobucket if you wanna share them. the img tag supports html only.
Ahh, I tried earlier but had to resize them.
I just put them on my FTP.
Ill try html img src tags.

Also, it is the stock kit lens. And the room is lit pretty darn well, theres 3 of them in a chandelier (sp?) fan thing above us.

Dang, doesnt work. Please click the link =)

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