My first DSLR : Canon 7D


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Jan 18, 2008
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South Africa
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Just got the canon 7D, shooting with the 15-85mm USM canon lens. I also got the sigma 120-400mm for my surf work.

Heres a few shots i've taken with it. Brand new to the world of the DSLR and I've got alot to learn.

I softened this one up abit:

My girl: (1)








C+C Please
Congrats on the new camera. A 7D is not bad for a first DSLR...i'm still stuck with the 1000D that i got almost a year ago.
Loving photo No. 3. Would've been much better if it was a little more sharper.
No.5 is pretty good too...a bigger photo would've been nice though.

Hope you have fun with your new toy :)
^ I agree.

that is quite a jump for a first camera :O!
but hey, if you can afford it, why not.

but, the only images I like are 3 and 5, they look much better than the others, the others look like snapshots to be fair.
and quality looks fairly low (thus using L lenses to utilise the full potential of cameras like the 7D.)

1. would be the worst of all.~
It is just too soft and blurry / out of focus.
the girl looks uncomfortable, almost as though you are pestering her!

but keep at it! as you said, it is your first DSLR and shots 3 and 5 are really good for a first time!

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