My First Engagement Session (part 2)


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Sep 27, 2007
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Continuation of my first "adult" portrait shoot which was for an engagement. Comments and Critiques are much appreciated.







7. (I'm not usually a fan of selective coloring but I thought it worked here...)

All in all, I spent about an hour and a half or a tad more, that was combined with walking around and "hanging" out some since this is my wife's best friend. If I had just done straight shooting I might have gotten it in an hour or slightly more. I got 21 keepers so not sure if that's good or bad either.
I really like the one with the ring... In no. 2, he doesn't look natural-the pose. Kind of a creepy place, wasn't it? The surroundings are pretty gloomy looking. Your choosing or theirs?

You should remind her that kissing with your eyes open is illegal (pic 3).

Nice pictures, though.
It really wasn't gloomy in person so maybe it's my use of flash to darken the background or my editing. The area (a local park) was there idea....the individual places in the park were mine....the other thread of pictures had some by the waterfalls and stuff. Nothing is very green yet and no leaves so it was hard to find decent backdrops...hence the stones above.

Edit: I've gotten the same kinds of comments on another forum these are posted on. I was definitely not going for a gloomy look but tried to work with what I had this time of year. I will go back and re-edit these to maybe brighten the backgrounds or something. I'm afraid it might be a lost cause but hopefully I can salvage them.
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How do I go about getting one of these done? I just need to convince my fiance to get in front of the camera!!
How do I go about getting one of these done? I just need to convince my fiance to get in front of the camera!!

Well, this was my wife's best friend and her fiance and they were wanting pictures for the newspaper announcement so I did a photo shoot for them. I'd guess you'd just need to find a respectable photographer in your area and set up a time for the photos.

I'm actually trying to decide whether I want to break into all of this and start charging and doing portrait sessions. Anybody have any comments as to whether these photos are good enough to have charged for?

On a side note, the couple ended up loving them and just placed a pretty decent size order with 4x6's, 5x7's, and 8x10's and want me to get some business cards made to pass out. I just have a big problem with self confidence when it comes to portraits.
Not really a fan of selectivie color but that last pic is dynamite! I really dig it!
Decent pictures.

For #1, I would avoid posing them in direct comparison like that. It really shows how large she is, and how scrawny he is, in comparison to each other. thread is back from the dead.

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