My first flash kit! Help please!


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Jul 10, 2009
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Brighton, UK
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Picking up my first flash kit, got an SB800 already. Am getting a westcott softbox (umbrella fit) with a lightstand, umbrella bracket, coldshoe.

Now baring in mind I don't have much money at all to spend on this, what's the best way to get my D90 and SB800 to communicate? I don't have enough for wireless transmitters. I don't mind a lead as long as it's long enough (5-10metres).
How well does this work if I'm planning to take this kit outside and to use on various shoots?

e.g taking it down to a beach for a sunset shoot (cliche I know but I need to get the basics down).
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It will work well enough. At least until it doesn't.

Your working distance will likely be shortened in bright, sunny conditions. However, there are some work-arounds. Like, I was able to trigger two flashes behind me while in the open shade by fashioning some aluminum foil to the built-in flash.

All-in-all, the CLS is a decent into to OCF right out of the box. With practice, you'll find out yourself where it leaves you wanting more.
I would get some if the ebay triggers. There are a couple that people swear by.
try looking up cowboy studio I just got some and SO FAR they work very well.

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