My First Million - Haters Gonna Hate


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Jan 16, 2012
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Neat! I like the quality of the reflection of you ! Almost CGI ish. If that is your kitchen table I think I'm in love with it!!
Thats a shiny pig.
I think this wouldve been cooler if the reflection had a direct purpose. Like maybe if the person in the reflection was counting money.
the textures of the table, the reflection of the artist and the tones make this picture much more than the subject. A stack of coinage in that reflection would have been a good idea and maybe worth another try ;)
it was just a snapshot really... i was testing the AE bracketing on my shiny new d5100! good ideas though

p.s. that is my office desk
Interesting shot. I would like to see a little more detail of the desk in front of the pig and the snout in focus more. Other then that I like the shot it is creative and you DOF was controlled well. I like the suggestions from above as well. I think a little more set up rather then a snap shot and this could be a great shot. I would certainly explore this more....then post it up because I am curious to see it. Nice job.
yea this was at f2.0 w/ 35 1.8g... 320iso ... it was pretty dim so yea.. shallow DOF would have preferred about f4 or maybe f5.6 for sure.
I like the idea. I really need to start thinking like that as well. Thanks for sharing this with us.
I don't hate...I love millions...
lol GeorgieGirl... i'll let you know when i get some :)
sweet pic, i def think counting stacks should be what you are doing....side note, been working out ? ur bicep is huge yo! lmao

i wish my lowly d3000 had auto bracketing...sigh
Is the pig large enough for you to try a different angle w/o the camera in the reflection?

Other than that, I like almost everything personally.

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