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My first photo post


Been spending a lot of time on here!
Dec 30, 2011
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I'm old and still think in black and white even though all my stuff is pretty much digital these days. Saw these the other day and thought that they would make a good prints.

CSC_0028 by GREYBEARD12, on Flickr 35mm f8

CSC_0027 by GREYBEARD12, on Flickr 18mm f22

Nikon d5100 18-55 AF-S, 18mm f22
CSC_0029 by GREYBEARD12, on Flickr
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The first two are very nice, the last one is much took busy for my taste. Awesome shots overall.
Thank you, I have mixed feelings about the 3rd shot too but, I like some of the detail in it. Like you, the 1st 2 are by far my favorites.
I like the 1st one, but the second 2 just seen kinda random with no clear focal point. But I'm no expert, just a personal opinion.
In the first one I would clone out the stuff in the bottom left corner. Other than that nice focus. The second is a nice angle, it's good to get down low every now and then. :)

I agree that the third is too busy. Keep at it!
Here is one color shot I kinda like. Shot while waiting in the parking lot at the mall waiting for the wife to finish shopping.

elder-beerman.mod by GREYBEARD12, on Flickr

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