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My first photo printer


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Jun 2, 2013
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I bought my very first photo printer yesterday. It was a cheap one being only $66, but so far I am really happy with it. To be honest I'm actually really surprised with how well these prints are turning out. It feels great to see a photo of mine finished on the computer, but to hold it in my hand after I've printed it out feels amazing. I can't wait to put all of these up on my wall!
I agree.. always nice to see one of your shots printed, rather than just on a screen. Congrats on the printer, glad you're happy with the results thus far. :)
I always loved prints too, and I've been surprised lately at how good the low-end non-photo printers have become. However, before putting one of its prints in a frame and on the wall, you should consider getting a print from a dedicated photo printer (e.g., Epson R2880) or a custom photo printing shop just to see the difference. What you're getting might be close enough so you won't care about the difference, but it might not...

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